Mission ONE on Main Street


Mission ONE – Our neighbors need our help!

Recently released poverty statistics illustrate a staggering problem in our community and in our nation.   According to this data, for example, one of every four children in Rowan County lives in poverty.  1,669 Rowan County children live in homes with NO income.  Each month, an average of 10,671 households in Rowan County receive food and nutrition assistance.  We hear the numbers, but what do they really mean?

It means that folks right here – our neighbors – have to make hard choices each day, each week, each month.  Will we have heat in our home or food on our table?  What must I give up to buy gas for my car?   What will I feed my children in the morning?

Times are really tough and there is no quick fix.  But YOU can do something very real to help.

Beginning November 1, a special project called Mission ONE gets underway in our community.
For eleven days, from November 1 through November 11, 2011, we will rally to ease the struggles of our neighbors.   Many “ones” will join forces and together we will make a difference.

Our goals are:

    To raise at least $1,111 in donations
    To collect at least 1,111 pounds of donated food
    To reach at least 1,111 friends on Facebook to spread the word

Please join us!  YOUR efforts, as one person, are needed!  

YOU can:    Educate yourself about our local issues at click here LEARN ABOUT POVERTY
                    And Main Street Mission can help your church or organization create a poverty
                    simulation to educate your members.

                    Donate food.  We are placing containers on the porch at Main Street Mission,
                    at Encore on Main, at Corriher Springs Flower Shop, at Dixie’s Coffee Shop
                    and at Corner Books.

                    Donate money.  Stop by Main Street Mission, mail a check, or donate securely
                    online at                  

                    Volunteer at Main Street Mission.  The need for our services has increased
                    dramatically and extra hands and feet are always needed.

                    Pray.  Without God’s help, our efforts are in vain.

THANK YOU for your willingness to be the ONE who jumps in to support our neighbors in need.