One Can Do More


On Sunday September 10 we gathered together at Main Street Mission to break ground on our building project.

Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and then Hurricane Irma tore through Florida. Our prayers are with  everyone who has experienced and will experience devastation and hardships due to these powerful hurricanes. So many people are in need and God's people rush to help. Disasters such as these have a way of unifying humanity. People are rescued and cared for. Teams of workers come to repair and rebuild. Life is shared.   Life is shared at MSM through our food pantry, our Getting Ahead Classes and Bridges Training. We are in the midst of our Capital Campaign, and our Ground Breaking Ceremony was Sunday, September 10.

We had a glorious  celebration and we are so grateful for everyone who has contributed, but we still have much more to do. Due to our Capital Campaign, our operational budget which supports our day to day operations, has suffered. I understand this is common during a capital project, and I also understand that if we do not share this and ask for help, no one will know.  There are so many needs in the world, but many of our neighbors continue to struggle to meet their basic needs. We appreciate any contribution that you can help us with at this crucial time. Our goal is to have a successful short term Capital Campaign and then be able to concentrate solely on our operational budget again. Thank you for your continued love and support!   "The group of believers was one in mind and heart. None of them said that any of their belongings were their own, but they all shared with one another  everything they had."   Acts 4:32    ~Anne Corriher 


Main Street Mission

Home Sweet Home

The beginning of each year brings a time of reflection and resolution (notice the root word solution). My reflection this year takes me to thoughts of my hometown, China Grove. And I appreciate this sweet and loving community more and more. It is for me “Home Sweet Home”, as it is for many. MSM is a product of this caring community and is growing and expanding due to generous support. We hope to move our food pantry into our newly refurbished building by early summer of 2018, and we thank each person who has contributed, and this is truly an investment in our community! Our short-term goal is to rebuild a needed building, but our long-term goal, and I believe our solution to building a unified community, is to be instruments in the rebuilding of lives by building relationships of mutual respect, providing resources and tools needed to thrive, not just survive. God had this plan from the very beginning when he inspired and led our board of directors through the process of creating the MSM mission statement years ago. ~Anne


We Are Breaking Ground


We are turning a corner at Main Street Mission and we would like to pause and thank all of you who have donated, volunteered, participated in Getting Ahead, attended a Bridges Training, Poverty Simulation, been on a Hope Team or simply stopped in and brought cans of food. There is still a need for us in China Grove -- you are welcome to come anytime to see our community in action.  

In addition to our food pantry, our Bridges Initiative has grown and we are in great need for additional space. To support all our ministries, we have decided to move ahead with our renovation of the laundromat we purchased in 2015.  

We need your help.  

We have had outstanding response and donations and pledges are only $163,000 away from our fundraising goal of $400,000,00.   Preparations are being made with F&M Bank for financing and Jones Family Builders, Inc. our contractor is updating our contract and lining up subcontractors.  

Before we break ground we need to have a total of $300,000.00 in cash and pledges so we only need to  raise $63,000 to get underway.  We are so optimistic that we have set our groundbreaking forSeptember 10 at 4:00 PM. We cannot raise this money without your support.

 Can we count on you?  

We will be posting our countdown on Facebook as the days tick off and as we close in on our financial goals. You can Donate on line. You can pledge your support over a five year period. Thank you for your support and making our project your project!

One Can do More and We Can Do More Together

One Can Do More

Main Street has grown and we have outgrown the space we have available. We do not have enough room for food storage and we have started many new programs and we hope to add more. We have purchased the Landromat beside the Mission and we are planning renovations to provide more space. We are excited about the future!


What does it take to live a stable life?


It takes resources. It takes knowing people that have resources or people that know people that have resources. If you have ever searched for a new job, you know it takes networking with family and friends, and friends of friends. I am a person who has always had access to networking possibilities. My family knows people, and we have a large extended family that knows a lot of people. This is important if you are looking for work, looking for a doctor, lawyer, church, mechanic or car. I did not realize until I began working at Main Street Mission that there are many people who do not have the privilege of having a good support system in place. I did. I do. Others do not. This knowledge of resources is a powerful gift to others. 

We learn in Bridges Training and in the Getting Ahead Class about the 11 resources. In order to live a stable life, you must have at least 8 of these resources in place. Most of our Getting Ahead participants have 3-5 of the 11 resources. 

The 11 resources we learn about are:  financial, emotional, mental, language, social capital, physical, spiritual, integrity and trust, motivation and persistence, role models and knowledge of Hidden Rules.

After each Getting Ahead Graduation, the graduates want and need more time together to learn how to build their needed resources. This is how we will use our existing food pantry facility once the food pantry moves into the newly renovated building (old Laundromat).  New volunteers are reaching out and offering the gift of leadership to help build resources, such as the emotional resource through Writing to Heal class.  We are excited for the opportunities ahead, and together we can build a building to build resources to build our community! 
Join us to Build!~Anne Corriher

A Place to Be Neighborly

What’s the right level to pursue social repair? The nation may be too large. The individual is too small. The community is the right level, picking a piece of land and giving people a context in which they can do neighborly

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