Main Street Mission

Home Sweet Home

The beginning of each year brings a time of reflection and resolution (notice the root word solution). My reflection this year takes me to thoughts of my hometown, China Grove. And I appreciate this sweet and loving community more and more. It is for me “Home Sweet Home”, as it is for many. MSM is a product of this caring community, and MSM is growing and expanding due to generous support. We are now at the halfway mark to meet our goal to begin construction for our renovations for our food pantry. We hope to begin construction by June 2017. We are praying and seeking, in hopeful expectation, for a very successful campaign. This is truly an investment in our community. Our short-term goal is rebuild a needed building, but our long-term goal, and I believe our solution to building a unified community, is to rebuild lives by building relationships of mutual respect, providing resources and tools needed to thrive, not just survive. Anne


One Can Do More

Main Street has grown and we have outgrown the space we have available. We do not have enough room for food storage and we have started many new programs and we hope to add more. We have purchased the Landromat beside the Mission and we are planning renovations to provide more space. We are excited about the future!


A Place to Be Neighborly

What’s the right level to pursue social repair? The nation may be too large. The individual is too small. The community is the right level, picking a piece of land and giving people a context in which they can do neighborly

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